5th Annual Clay Shoot – A Huge Success!

5th Annual Clay Shoot – A Huge Success!


This year was the 5th annual Greenview Charity Clay Shoot. For Northern Lights Fiber it was our second year in a row attending, and what a time it was! With 36 Corporate sponsors, 108 shooters and 5 food banks to support, the energy was high. This fantastic group of people and the companies and organizations they represented made such a huge impact in the community and for those in need. This year, the charity clay shoot raised over $46 thousand dollars for the food banks that serve the MD of Greenview and its residents.

Below are some highlights from the event and the official press release from the MD of Greenview. The Charity Clay Shoot is so much more than fun with friends and colleagues. It is a way for the regions businesses and residents to come together and make a real difference. Everyone in attendance shows their commitment to their community and their desire to mold their community into something even better than it is today. We are already looking forward to next years Clay Shoot – having fun with our peers and continuing to make a real difference in Greenview.

Our local Ambassador, Haylee Mitchell her team, ready to rock this years Clay Shoot and to help excited Valleyview residents get their high-speed fiber internet.

The team shot well and had a ton of fun meeting so many of Valleyview and Greenview’s community members. It’s a privilege to meeting so many from the community. We love that we are given the opportunity to know you better!


The Municipal District of Greenview Council held its 2022 Greenview Charity Clay Shoot on Thursday, September 9, 2022, at the Shot Shell Sporting Clay Range in Valleyview, AB., with 102 sports shooters registered along with the support of 36 corporate sponsors. This year’s event raised $46,802, with all proceeds going to the 5 Food Banks that serve the MD of Greenview.

“We are thrilled with our turnout this year for our fifth annual Clay Shoot Charity event,” said Reeve Tyler Olsen. “Without the continued support of our valued local businesses and stakeholders, this event could not happen. Thank you, Tiger Calcium, ATB Wealth Management, Nordic Mechanical, Beairsto & Associates, Freson Bros., Glacier Rock Resources, Helix Engineering, Keyera, M2 Engineering, Knelsen Gravel, Pembina Pipeline, Perron Ventures, Secure Energy Services, Bullets & Broadheads, Aquatera Utilities, All North Consultants, WSP Engineering, City of Grande Prairie, TruTec Contracting, Town of Fox Creek, Accurate Assessment, Associated Engineering, County of Grande Prairie, Hi-Tech Business Systems, Marnevic Construction, McDaniel & Associates, MPE Engineering, Tim Horton’s (Valleyview), Serve-All Mechanical, Reynolds Mirth Richards & Farmer LLP, Suncrest Signs, ARC Resources, CDN Controls, Yardstick Technologies, Trapper Gord Homestead & Survival and Canadian Fiber Optics.

We would also like to thank Shot Shell Sporting Clay Range for hosting this valuable fundraiser and look forward to holding this event for many years to come.”

About MD of Greenview:
The Municipal District of Greenview No. 16 is the third largest rural municipality in Alberta. Greenview includes the towns of Fox Creek and Valleyview, the hamlets of Little Smoky, Ridgevalley, DeBolt, Landry Heights, Grovedale, and Grande Cache. This big, beautiful piece of Alberta offers an array of rivers, lakes, mountain peaks of the majestic Rocky Mountains, and prairie meadows. Untamed wilderness promises an abundance of outdoor activities. Modern indoor recreation facilities provide sports and recreation activities year-round.

Municipal District of Greenview


A Thank You To Our New Community Manager

A Thank You To Our New Community Manager

Our Community Ambassadors

Just over a year ago, we began a program to introduce a more local presence to our communities by hiring local ambassadors who could represent the company. These ambassadors needed to be a friendly face around town, going door to door and acting as our boots on the ground. Most of all, they needed to have a passion for helping customers solve their problems and serving their community.

This effort was a direct result of our desire to ensure that our presence in each and every community would be more than just a business transaction, where we connect you and disappear – Northern Lights Fiber needs to continue to mean more for our customers.

Enter Danielle

When we found Danielle, we knew it was a perfect fit. Passionate, driven and committed to being an active community member of Grande Cache. It is no surprise then that when she started with Northern Lights Fiber she hit the ground running. Through hard work, lots of door knocking, late night customer calls, event planning and tens of thousands of steps, Danielle helped our company reach and connect so much of Grande Cache. Even more impressive, this was achieved while still fulfilling her families needs as a wife and mother of a busy home.

Join Us In Congratulations!

Just over a year later, with hundreds more homes connected and several new communities launched, we are so happy to announce that Danielle has been promoted to our Community Manager. She will now oversee our various other communities and ensure that they enjoy the same level of engagement, customer support and have an incredible experience with their internet. When you see Danielle around town, make sure you say congratulations and thank her for her continued hard work in the community and now in so many others!


As always, if you have questions for us or would like to connect with our team and discuss services, please call 1-888-236-2947


Four Websites Every Work-From-Home Employee Should Check Out

Four Websites Every Work-From-Home Employee Should Check Out

Over the past several years, the remote working and work-from-home movement has boomed. Even before the global COVID-19 pandemic forced millions to work out of their homes, more and more employees were making the switch from the commute-and-office lifestyle to the improved flexibility of remote work. It is estimated that 25% of all professional jobs could be remote by the end of 2022, with the numbers only building upward from there.

As the work-from-home trend gathers steam and more people enjoy the conveniences of remote working, innovative ways to increase productivity and improve staff connectivity and team-building are growing, too.

And with the reliable high-speed fiber internet delivered by Northern Lights Fiber and Canadian Fiber Optics, work-from-home employees can be confident that their internet will support their careers just as well as if they were in an office complex.

So how can you maximize your work-from-home efficiency? And what online tools and applications are available to improve your remote work experience?

Below we present several websites and applications that may help any remote work employee make the most of their at-home workspace and environment.


To help fill up the silence that can build up over the course of a work-from-home day, Brain.fm provides unique music and soundscapes to play in the background as you work away. But Brain.fm is more than just a streaming radio station or playlist. It utilizes neuroscience for its offerings to facilitate more concentration, focus, and even stimulation, so you can keep working productively while you’re on your own.


Evernote takes the seemingly mundane tasks of note-taking and scheduling to savvy new heights. Its innovative document search and organization features greatly improve efficiency and the quality of your drafting. More than just a productivity or project management app, Evernote is loaded with features that connect you to fellow app-users and facilitate and maintain teams to help keep everyone on task and on time!


With its sleek interface and powerful features, OmniFocus breaks new ground in task management and team organization software. We’re most impressed with OmniFocus’s cool to-do list, which helps keep you focused on your progress (and detects delays) for your most time-sensitive tasks at hand. OmniFocus also keeps you connected across all of your devices (both Windows and Apple products), as well as to your fellow team members from wherever they happen to be working.

We Work Remotely

There are numerous websites that help remote workers find jobs, and you can and should search through many of them for your next gig or career move. But we believe We Work Remotely (WWR) stands out for its enormous jobs posting board (around 25,000 all-remote job listings!) and its connections to some of the pioneers of the work-from-home movement. Job seekers can create a free account to access all of WWR’s listings, which are conveniently broken down into many categories of remote work—a feature that makes searching for new jobs much easier.

One thing we know for certain: the work-from-home trend is here to stay. So be sure to check out the above apps, programs, and websites to see how you can make your remote working experience even better.

And for additional tips on being more productive while working remotely, follow Canadian Fiber Optics and Northern Lights Fiber on our social pages!

Why We Use Temporary Drops for Winter Installations

Why We Use Temporary Drops for Winter Installations

Temporary Drops for Winter Installations 

We know the wait for fiber internet installation can be tough. After all, you are on the verge of having fast, reliable broadband fiber internet from Northern Lights Fiber, and all the best streaming entertainment the web has to offer. 

Winter adds to the technical challenges of fiber installation. Frozen grounds, shorter days with less sunlight, excessive moisture from melting snow and heavy rains drenching the soil—all of these issues and more can make it exceedingly difficult to bury and install fiber. It’s also a riskier time for our crew of technicians.  

While permanent fiber installation may sometimes be delayed during winter and early spring, temporary drops can help deliver the high-speed internet you’ve been waiting for—even if you’ll have to wait for better, safer weather and ground conditions for final installation with buried fiber internet lines. 

Below we provide answers to common questions about temporary drops and help explain the process installing them so you’ll know what to expect.  

What is exactly is a temporary drop? 

A temporary drop, also referred to as a temp drop, is simply an above-ground fiber internet connection line that provides fiber internet service temporarily to your home until weather and ground conditions are feasible and safe enough to bury the fiber line in the ground.  

What kinds of conditions necessitate temp drops? 

There are two common reasons why Northern Lights Fiber may not be able to bury the fiber and complete installation during the winter and early spring.  

#1: The ground is frozen. 

During winter and early spring, the colder temperatures can make the ground too hard to dig and bury fiber. And just because the temperatures warm up for a few days doesn’t necessarily mean the conditions are improved enough to complete the installation. In general, the ground must be fully thawed at least one foot deep, which can take weeks of 60 degree-plus temperatures, depending on the soil’s physical and chemical composition. 

#2: The ground is too wet. 

The winter and spring can bring heavy precipitation, from heavy snows and snow melts to days of rain. When the soil is over-saturated, it is simply not feasible to install fiber optic lines below ground safely and effectively.  Additionally, burying fiber when the ground is too wet can upset lawns, flowerbeds, trees, and other vegetation—not to mention upset your neighbors and their lawns, too! 

What are the steps to installing a temporary drop? 

After determining that the conditions do not support burying fiber, a temp drop is authorized. Our technicians will then connect the fiber terminal (i.e., the “box” near the street where internet service is supplied to your neighborhood) to your home via a fiber line placed above-ground to your home.  

So instead of burying the fiber in the ground, the temp drop keeps the fiber line above the ground and connected to your home, temporarily, until the buried installation can occur when the weather and other conditions improve.  

The line may run along your lawn and driveway, but don’t worry! Your car cannot damage the line. The fiber line may also cross over your neighbor’s property, but as with other utilities, there is a “right-of-way” that permits this if necessary.  

Is the temp drop line safe? 

Yes! While we don’t recommend you handle the line, it is not dangerous. Fiber technology consists of tiny glass strings that transmit light. So unlike live electrical wires, there is no risk of electric shock.  

However, we suggest that you do your best to avoid the line while tending to yard work or clearing snow. Although the fiber lines are sturdy, snowplows and other equipment and tools can sometimes harm the line, necessitating more technical support—not to mention the inconvenience of losing internet!  

Northern Lights Fiber and Canadian Fiber Optics greatly appreciates your patience as we strive to provide you with fast, reliable fiber internet as efficiently and quickly as possible! As always, feel free to reach out us with any questions or concerns you may have. 

If you would like to sign up to receive installation of our services, call

1-888-236-2947 or click HERE

Questions on Your Bill? Find Answers Here!

Questions on Your Bill? Find Answers Here!

Getting blazing fast internet is awesome and you’re sure to enjoy every single aspect of it, but there are often questions regarding the billing of services, how it works and where you pay. This article will address and answer the most common questions we receive regarding your billing. 

How will my first bill look and what are the charges for?  

On your first bill you will see a charge for your modem and a charge for installation, immediately below each of these charges you will see a credit for the equal amount. It is important to note that if you did not sign-up for our pre-installation promotion before September 1st then you may not see an installation credit. 

All billing is conducted on the first of every month, no matter when you sign up for service and receive installation. We will prorate your bill to account for these fluctuations is usage before your first official bill. What this means is your first monthly bill will include a charge for the days between your installation and when you receive for bill. For example, if your service is installed on the 15th of the month, you next bill will include 15 days of service on top of your first monthly charges to cover that time – It is completely normal to see a slightly higher number on your first bill as It reflects this period of usage. 

How do I set up my billing? 

Below you’ll find important Information about navigating the basic functions of our customer portal as well as the step-by-step process for adding your preferred payment method. You can choose a direct withdrawal from your bank account, or you can make payments via credit card, autopay is optional and recommended to maintain consistent payments when paying by credit card. 

If you have any further questions or require a customer service representative to assist you with your bill, please call    587-332-6880 

Better Connected: A 2021 Year-End Review

Better Connected: A 2021 Year-End Review

How The Year Began

Beginning our design and planning phase for building fiber infrastructure in Grande Cache represented a huge milestone for our business and a turning point in Grande Cache’s efforts to find better connection, both in business and in every day life. Although our industry told us that the project was not possible we were determined to find success where others could not. We began construction on our first official large scale project to completely connect a community to fiber. we began by connecting with community members, working with businesses and government to find solutions and the best paths forward. The excitement took off after finding a deep connection to the community spirit through our amazing Community Ambassador, Danielle. Throughout the project we discovered so much more about what makes this mission so valuable to us and those we’re serving. However, Grande Cache was just the beginning of our push to make 2021 the biggest year ever.

The Summer Rush

While construction raged on in Grande Cache we found real traction in other projects, specifically Wembley and Valleyview. These projects came about in rapid fashion, with intense efforts to put fiber in the ground as soon as we could – hopefully before the frost of winter. The summertime was an incredible season of momentum, building and connecting communities – with our new projects breaking ground in record time we saw both Wembley and Valleyview have their first official connections up and running well before fall came about. One of the chief successes we saw, was officially launching Valleyview as Canadas first 10G community with Canadas fastest residential internet! The summer was full of these rich experiences and so many lively events in each of our communities. From ice-cream tents, pancake breakfasts, and rodeos, to parades, clay shoots and coffee shop hangouts, we truly got to see some of the best that each of our communities has to offer.

Embracing Colder Seasons

As winter loomed over Alberta, we looked further into our plans for connecting our communities in the fastest possible timeline. We continued to host events, receiving more customer questions and their hopes of a connection early in the new year – a solution became clear. We committed to build throughout the winter, in the cold and snow. Winter construction will be key to our progress – we’ve already built the most rural residential fiber of any company this year, but our goals require us to build even more and even faster to meet the needs of our communities! We are building Canada’s fastest network the only way you can, with the hard work and determination of an incredible construction team, paired with the passion of our communities to see these projects completed.

Looking On To 2022

Work in 2021 may have come to an end, but 2022 holds so many new and exciting opportunities, with plenty more work to be done to connect our current communities to world-class, absolutely essential, fiber infrastructure. New and exciting projects have come to fruition, with Sturgeon County becoming our newest and most recently announced endeavor. This project will fulfils our mission of not only connecting rural communities, but also connecting farms to world-class fiber infrastructure. There is so much to look forward to in 2022. To celebrate where we’ve been and how far our communities and their vital projects have come, we have created a brand new page, highlighting some of our favorite moments of the last year. We made sure to include a few details of these new projects coming in 2022 and we’re sure it will be very exciting news to many. We cannot wait to bring these new communities onto the right side of this new digital landscape we enjoy in Canada. If we have not built in your community, you can let us know by filling out the invite us form – we’re always looking for new communities to connect! We believe every community, big and small, deserves digital equality and the freedom to access the world around them without hinderance. 2022 will be a year of new connections, rural development and growth in rural communities that Canada needs. Visit the new “Our Communities” page and invite us to our community if you have not already!

Business Shoutout: Northstar Hydrovac Inc.

Business Shoutout: Northstar Hydrovac Inc.


 About Northstar Hydrovac Inc.

Founded in the Grande Prairie area in 1998, Northstar Hydrovac Inc. is one of the premier excavation specialists in the Peace Region with over 70 employees across western Canada. Aside from their great work in the construction industry and the economic activity they have generated within Valleyview, their commitment to Valleyview and its residents is what stands out most. They are one of the most community focused business in Valleyview making community engagement and community service their mission and a core value of their business. Northstar Hydrovac engages in community events, vital charities, and various social outreach programs – like the Rise Above Charity, the Sunrise House, WPCA Chuckwagons and more recently, their support towards the Greenview Multiplex. Northstar Hydrovac have centered themselves around a goal to give back to their communities and build them up in multiple aspects, creating depth and opportunity wherever it can be fostered.

“Our team was experiencing internet problems, then we found Canadian Fiber Optics, which quickly resolved our connectivity issues, and our business began to increase. We highly recommend Canadian Fiber Optics if your business is facing similar problems. It changed everything for us!”

-Ken Wittig, BDM Northstar Hydrovac Inc.

Supporting Investment In Their Community

More recently Northstar Hydrovac has become a business partner of Northern Lights Fiber and Canadian Fiber Optics, embracing, and supporting the investment and development of the brand-new fiber infrastructure that has now made its way to Valleyview. Vital infrastructure such as fiber optics will empower Northstar Hydrovac and so many other businesses in town to connect and streamline their businesses, but also to engage with their community around them! Keep an eye out for Northstar Hydrovac trucks around the Peace region as they continue to do amazing work in and for its many communities!

Our Team, Our Community

Our Team, Our Community

Making Meaningful Connections


One of our favorite parts of connecting rural towns is the connections were able to make with the people that make each community so special. In Valleyview we’ve had the pleasure of meeting two such people who are truly passionate about their community, its members and each of the unique locales and businesses that make Valleyview great. Our newest local ambassador Matt Shepard (you may know him as Shep) and his good friend Adrian Petrilli have made it their mission to ensure Valleyview keeps raising the bar on its full potential.

Shep arrived in Valleyview from Washington State in 2013 and first met Adrian, a Calgary native, when he joined a community Softball team in 2015. One day Shep walked into Tall Timber Coffee Co. and sparked up a conversation with Adrian that would go until 2:30 in the morning. After some time and several cups of Coffee, Shep and Adrian decided that they both wanted to make it their mission to build up Valleyview, make the town better in every way they could and show its surrounding communities just how cozy and vibrant of a place it truly is. They even thought of becoming their very own internet service provider and connecting Valleyview! A few days later a local trailer park was put up for sale and they both knew what they needed to do. The Good Greedy Capitalist Corp. was born.


“The mission and vision that Shep and Adrian have for Valleyview is exactly why we are so excited that we get to work with Shep towards this mission and make it a mission of our own.”


From that day on Shep and Adrian were on a mission to clean up the park, renovate and rent out it’s spaces and grow their business. Adrian joined the Chamber of Commerce and they both began volunteering around the community everywhere they could. Their approach to their business and Valleyview’s community are one in the same – Make it nicer, brighter and ensure it is full of life.

We love these kinds of stories because it captures what is so special about rural communities. The relationships and the ownership each community member feels in Valleyview is incredibly special. The mission and vision that Shep and Adrian have for Valleyview is exactly why we are so excited that we get to work with Shep towards this mission and make it a mission of our own.