Construction Update: Winter Plans

Construction Update: Winter Plans

What to expect:  

We have been hard at work to ensure everyone knows that we are bringing your community fiber optic internet! More importantly, we are bringing speeds up to 10,000 Mbps. This means that you will have an opportunity to get internet that is 1000x faster than anything seen in town before!  

To prepare your community for the future, new fiber-optic infrastructure is deeply important. To ensure this massive upgrade lasts decades, we will burry this infrastructure! Unfortunately, even in the best weather conditions, installing new underground infrastructure is hard and dangerous work, here is what you need to know about the project. 

Progress so Far

Our project was only announced 6 months ago, and we have already installed tens of thousands of meters of fiber! And even though it is officially wintertime, we still have a lot of work to do! Internet Service Providers do not usually construct infrastructure in the wintertime because it takes talent, experience, and specialized equipment.  

But since we have all of that, we have decided to keep constructing! But there are  a few things you should know and expect for this winter!  

Slower Progress 

We announced our Valleyview project only 5 months ago, and we already have several businesses and households connected! Progress is going very well, but like all things in our Canadian winters, construction takes a lot longer. Not only is the winter hard on our work force and equipment, but the ground is also frozen. Because we are building buried infrastructure under/in frozen earth, progress on our new construction will slow down. Follow our Facebook page (insert link) to keep yourself updated as we push through this winter to connect you sooner! 

Temporary Drops 

A drop is the fiber that connects your house to our infrastructure. It is possible that we may not be able to construct an underground drop to your house in the wintertime. As such, we will provide a temporary fiber connection and come back in the springtime to make it a fully permanent drop!  


We are building underground construction, which means we dig holes and small trenches for the fiber lines to run down! Although we deploy directional drills and vibratory plowing equipment that reduces the amount of soil turned, we still create a small mess. But fear not, we always remediate anything effected by our work and ensure that it will return to its healthiest form in suitable time.  

Wintertime can lengthen the time it takes for this remediation process to complete; the ground is frozen and we cannot plant new grass seed in the winter. 

Our team will wait for our spring sun to thaw the ground so the soil can properly settle. At that point, we set the earth to final grade and plant new seed for your lawn to regrow to its previous health! It is a small price we need to pay to keep construction moving so we can continue to connect homes and businesses throughout the wintertime!  

How do I sign up!?  

If you would like to register for service now, check out our world-class products and services HERE! (And remember, you will NOT be charged anything until the service officially begins after installation).  

Visit our Sign-Up page or give us a call at 1-888-CFO-2947 (ext 2, for Sales)