Business Shoutout: Northstar Hydrovac Inc.

Business Shoutout: Northstar Hydrovac Inc.


 About Northstar Hydrovac Inc.

Founded in the Grande Prairie area in 1998, Northstar Hydrovac Inc. is one of the premier excavation specialists in the Peace Region with over 70 employees across western Canada. Aside from their great work in the construction industry and the economic activity they have generated within Valleyview, their commitment to Valleyview and its residents is what stands out most. They are one of the most community focused business in Valleyview making community engagement and community service their mission and a core value of their business. Northstar Hydrovac engages in community events, vital charities, and various social outreach programs – like the Rise Above Charity, the Sunrise House, WPCA Chuckwagons and more recently, their support towards the Greenview Multiplex. Northstar Hydrovac have centered themselves around a goal to give back to their communities and build them up in multiple aspects, creating depth and opportunity wherever it can be fostered.

“Our team was experiencing internet problems, then we found Canadian Fiber Optics, which quickly resolved our connectivity issues, and our business began to increase. We highly recommend Canadian Fiber Optics if your business is facing similar problems. It changed everything for us!”

-Ken Wittig, BDM Northstar Hydrovac Inc.

Supporting Investment In Their Community

More recently Northstar Hydrovac has become a business partner of Northern Lights Fiber and Canadian Fiber Optics, embracing, and supporting the investment and development of the brand-new fiber infrastructure that has now made its way to Valleyview. Vital infrastructure such as fiber optics will empower Northstar Hydrovac and so many other businesses in town to connect and streamline their businesses, but also to engage with their community around them! Keep an eye out for Northstar Hydrovac trucks around the Peace region as they continue to do amazing work in and for its many communities!